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Well, it has been a while since I posted anything and to tell you the truth not much exciting has happened. The motorcycle riding has been non existent and other than that I have just been trying to make a living. I got the urge to get back out in the wilderness though and to be honest, riding the motorcycle so much wasn’t doing much for my physical conditioning except for when I would ride off the side of a mountain road or burn my clutch out 20 miles from the nearest paved road.

Backpacking has always been in the back of my mind but I have grossly neglected the activity so I set out to change that. I have not purchased any gear for this activity since the late 80’s. except for a nice Mountain Hardwear tent I purchased in Fl for kayaking and my mountain bike trips (yes, there are actually mountain bike trails in Fl). So I had to scrounge through the boxes in the attic to see what I still had. When I live in South Carolina my old friend Bill gave me his old Vector pack from the Marine Corps. Now, we were all issued one of these at one point but they had to be turned back in. It is actually not a bad internal frame system aside from the fact it weighs as much as damn tank.

But now I have a pack! I can get on with this trip now. I mentioned it had been a while since I had done this and it was readily apparent in how much I over packed. I forgot “every ounce counts.” It was fine until I hit the first set of steep switchbacks. Anyway, so I packed it up and set out for a short overnight refresher hike.

The plan was to take the Holy Ghost trail near Tererro NM and intersect with the Winsor trail and then end the day at Lake Katherine. Well, after I got to the Winsor junction I had to resort to one of the back up lakes, Stewart Lake. I think it was my feet that made that decision. I did not have on proper hiking boots. I had on a pair of what I would classify as an urban Hiker made by Timberland. They are all leather and very water resistant but they did a number on my heels.

So, I made Stewart lake with relative ease and set up camp. I definitely under estimated the mileage using my topo and compass. I put Stewart Lake at 5 miles and it ended up being 6.5.

A lot of stuff came back to me and my next hike this weekend will be planned and packed a lot better. I am going to use the same footwear but I went to the local REI and made sure to get proper wool hiking socks and sock liners instead of using my everyday white socks. What was I thinking?

So here is a low grade video of some of the trail and the lake: