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It’s cold, no doubt about that but the Rio Grande is still flowing very nicely.

Up here where I live on the Pecos the river is frozen up. I don’t think we will see any action there until March/April. So, you go to the Rio Grande! If I was closer I would be going to the San Juan but that is another couple/few hours tacked on to my already hour and a half long drive.

This was my first trip to the Rio Grande up North. I lived in Albuquerque NM for about a year and the RG flows through the center of the city. Pilar NM is the place I went. This only about 20 or so miles out of Espanola and it’s the intersection that takes you up to the end of the Taos Box at the Taos Junction Bridge.

As you wind up the gorge the river is on the left the whole time and there are great looking spots all over the place. Deciding exactly where to step in was hard. I took the advice of an old friend and went all the way to the bridge and attempted to hike up into the box.

That didn’t go so well. After the attempt I decided to just work my way down from the bridge hitting the slow pools and the spots just above the riffles. I did this routine changing fly combinations every thirty minutes or so because I was getting zero action. After 3 hours I was a couple miles down from the bridge and getting very frustrated.

I had made the decision that this pool I was in would be the last one. I lined that pool from one side to the other, played it just above a nice wide riffle and worked it below the riffle without a single bite. I had plenty of snags so I know I was nymphing deep enough.

I decide to call it there and walked back up river to the slow moving pool section. I was making practice casts as I walked up the current and threw a long shooting cast ahead of me as I broke through the last of the riffle and then I was it; an odd movement on the strike indicator. I thought “nah.” it had to be a snag. So I cast on the same line again and it does the same thing. Could it be? I cast one more time and it twitched and boom! it goes under. I set the hook and there it is, a beautiful 11 inch Rainbow.

I landed it, got the hook out and sent it back into the river. That was three and a half hours in the making and I was very satisfied with the catch. It’s funny how something so simple after preparing for a day and fishing for half the day can feel so rewarding.

It is though, It just is…