I need to get back into the modern age. Maps were fun for a while but it takes considerable time and effort to be accurate. My last GPS got into a fight with my motorcycle chain up in Colorado last year. So it is off to REI, I know I will spend about 30 dollars more than online but this is terribly impulsive as I want to scout out some trails tomorrow.

Had to stop and score some grub first though. A fine looking muffalata!

Success! With new GPS in hand I will be invincible. If you use a GPS with mapping capablity you should check out this link .

These are totally free and very accurate Topo/Street maps. It’s almost unbelievable! The selection of states are limited but hopefully they are working to get more done. I loaded up the NM map in the Garmin GPSMap 60CSX and they seem to work fine, great detail.


You welcome to follow, if you can…

Let's ride...