On the first day of the new year I thought I would go try my luck on the Pecos River in Pecos NM. I live in the town of Pecos and this river flows through the town. It originates in the canyon north of town in the Sangre De Cristo Mountain range. Most of the river is frozen over this time of the year but if you go up the canyon 10 or so miles there are some spots exposed to the sun and you have a few small sections that are fishable.

I started my day at the old mining town of Tererro. I didn’t have much luck but managed to hook a really small rainbow that wiggled off my line as I was reaching for it. After that it was slow. I moved up the river a ways between Tererro and Cowles(another old mining town) and hit a section of river there. I managed to get one small Brown landed.

No one really fishes this river in the winter for obvious reasons seeing that most of it is frozen over and there is not a lot of activity. I just went with the go to flies; the Stonefly and Hares Ear.

I will have to play around a bit more with size and color and see if I can generate more interest from the fish. But, at least I am off on a decent start for this years season, I didn’t skunked anyway…

Pecos River

Pecos River