Maybe you are interested in what I have done to my bike since I bought it, maybe you are not, either way I am going to tell you.

When I bought the bike it was stock.  Right off I didn’t like the tank and the white headlight shroud and the shock springs were way to soft.

The tank doesn’t have the capacity to make you feel comfortable 50 miles out with no gas station in site or expected in the near future. This was the first issue I resolved by buying the IMS 4.9 gallon tank. It really made  it look a lot better. With that order I also purchased new front and rear springs. The stock springs on the bike were way to soft. So I took it to a .55kg/mm front and an 8.4 kg/mm in the rear. That is just about as beefy a spring Eibach makes for this bike. The shroud was easy, a little Krylon did the job.

So with some help from a local Pecos resident who used to wrench at the SF Motorsports the springs were installed and the bike now looked like so:

And this is how it looks with a hawk strapped on the back (another story to be told):

So anyway, since then I have taken it upon myself to re jet the bike. I installed a new main jet and a new needle and made some modifications to the airbox as well as installing a K&N HiFlow Airfilter. The jetting led to some serious issues. I have had my carb out and disassembled about 5 times since I did this. I think I have it all worked out now though.

Tweek tweek tweek.

Now there are some more things I want to do; some cosmetic, some functional. Most recently was the replacement of the stock tail light with the DR250 Hi Speed Low Drag Tail Light.

Old Tail Light:

New Tail Light:

Disregard all those GPS units you see, I have done nothing illegal!

And finally the bar riser. A most functional and needed install. I can’t begin to explain the difference this makes when you are standing on your pegs on trail. It puts you in a very comfortable position sans leaning over slightly which was uncomfortable and made working the clutch a pain.

I just got my rear spring bearing in from Kientech yesterday and that will go in as soon as I feel motivated to completely remove my rear shock.

The turning point for me was the jet kit install. Once I removed my own carb, disassembled it, put it back together, drilled new holes in various places for various things and the bike actually started after it was all put back together, I felt a lot more confident in my ability to figure out this bike.

I have to be confident to do this stuff because there is no way I am paying some dude I don’t know 60+ dollars an hour to work on my bike while he is txt’ing his bitches. I just don’t trust a lot of these guys…